About me

Hi! I’m Josie, mom of four little ones and the creator of Josie’s Jammie’s. 

Josie’s Jammie’s was a dream I had for a very long time I just didn’t know where to start. Being a stay at home mom is the best job in the world but I wanted more so I jumped in. 

I started researching the best fabrics and materials and I fell in love with the bamboo fabric. From there I started designing all of my prints from my home and created everything from scratch. I have spent hours on not only the print designs, but the design of the pajamas as well. These pajamas are soft, durable, practical and affordable. 

Thank you so much for being a part of this dream, my small business appreciates you more than you know. I hope you love our Josie’s Jammie’s as much as we do. 



Josie Wittman